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We frequently collaborate with well known universities and highly qualified national/ international specialists in the fields of engineering, energy and environmental systems, material fabrication, cost analysis, landscape ecology and so forth.

Prof. Pfeifer und Partner, Darmstadt - Germany
(Structural Engineering)
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Ingenieurgesellschaft w 33 mbH, Berlin - Germany
(Electrical Engineering, HVAC-Engineering, ICT- Engineering)
Dipl. Eng. AfschinTabassomi
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Landschaft planen + bauen GmbH, Berlin - Germany
(Landscape Architect) - Dipl. Eng. Manfred Karsch
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AES Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Berlin - Germany
(Tendering, Site Supervision/Quantity Surveying and Costing) - Dipl. Eng. Jörg Rutzen
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Prof. Kosta Mathey, Dipl. Eng. Architect
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Partner Office
HPP International Planungsgesellschaft mbH,
Hans Lotz, Dipl. Eng. Architect
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Jill Denton, Gillian Morris, Steven Lindberg

Anna Thiele
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