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Zahra Breshna Consulting (ZBC) for Architecture, Research and Town Planning is a team of german and international architects and urban Planners who recently chose to combine their cross-generational mix of skills, insight and expertise.

The office is lead by three persons.
- Zahra Breshna, Dr. Eng. Architect & Town Planner, president and CEO
- Abdullah Breshna, Dipl. Eng. Architect, honourable president & general advisor
- Benjamin Thiele, Dipl. Eng. Architect, office manager in Berlin, Germany.

Operating as Breshna & Thiele architects -established in Berlin, Germany, in 1997- we were practicing contemporary architecture, project coordination and cultural analysis.

Our office is dedicated to a human-centred approach to architecture. We base each design both on our understanding, developed over many years, of psychological needs and patterns of human behaviour, and on our experience of the fact that each project has the potential to help build or strengthen a community.
Our work is rooted in an understanding and conscious use of existing constraints in Afghanistan. We acknowledge and honour the vital function of tradition and history in the life of a society. We also believe that it can absorb and express the forces of social and technological change in ways that reveal new possibilities for human experience in the future.