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Abdullah Breshna
Shelter for the homeless after a flood disaster.
In: Disasters (1988) Vol. 12, Nr. 3, Breshna, Abdullah ; Lukas, G. (1987): Lehmarchitektur: Skizzen zum UN-Jahr "Shelter for the homeless" 1987.

Inclusion of traditional building and residential forms in new Afghan architectural structures.
For e.g. in Colloquium City Dwellings and Residential buildings: Inst. für Baustofflehre, Bauphysik, Techn. Ausbau u. Entwerfen, Univ. Stuttgart, 1982. - 118 Bl. (Reihe Planen und Bauen in Entwicklungsländern)

Zahra Breshna
Kabul /Teheran 1979 ff. Reconstruction of the Old Town of Kabul -Traditional Neighborhood Governance, 2006

Dissertation thesis, University of Karlsruhe, 2004: The Historic Center of Kabul, Afghanistan: Its Past, Present and Future.
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Trialog, no.81, 05.2004 - traditional neighbourhood governance in Afghanistan and its possible role in the reconstruction of Kabul's historic centre

10th architecture & behaviour colloquium, Monte Verita - Switzerland, April 2004 - "strategies for the reconstruction of Kabul's centre"

arch+, no. 164/165, April 2003 - "Kabul, Afghanistan"

Freitag, no. 43, October 2001 - "wasteland"

Herausforderung Linz - Austria 1995 - "reorganization of industrial wasteland"