Satellite Town in Deh Sabz, Kabul, Afghanistan
Client: International Home Finance & Development, LLC, Colorado, USA
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Service: Design, implementation
Responsible: Zahra Breshna Consulting
Type: Town Planning
Date: 2009 - .... (ongoing)

In 2007 ZBC developed a design proposal for a "housing complex in Deh Sabz" with 10 000 residential units.
The task was to create a town district within the context of the new overspill town to the north of Kabul. The site was specified in consultation with the Ministry of Urban Planning.
Following the initial design proposal, the Afghan government decided that IHFD would be allocated a different parcel within the planned New Kabul City site north of Kabul, and the location and boundaries of that parcel have not yet been determined.

However, a decision was made to continue the planning process without an existing site. In this initial stage aspects were agreed upon that could be selected and analysed theoretically without knowledge of the determining factors of a site.

Human Character

Human character is of value because it is the basis for comfort within a built environment. We are more inclined to live, shop, eat and enjoy leisure time in an environment that we find physically and psychologically comfortable. The design of our Housing Complex is intended to demonstrate that it is built for people; it should foster in its inhabitants a sense that it was designed for their personal comfort. Every aspect of the Housing Complex design - the materials used, the scale of construction, the available amenities, the mitigation of sunlight, its levels of complexity and the number of plants and trees - will contribute to a sense of personal and social well being. The setting will be suited to the cultural needs and aspirations of the people it was designed for: the people who will live in it; the people who will bring it to life.

Each district is served by the access road that runs alongside the site. At the entrance to each district is a neighborhood center, incorporating a mosque, commercial units, public administration buildings, the fire and police departments, offices and a gas station.

The districts are connected to this center by the "green lung" that extends at mid-point across the whole width of the site.

The circulation system is based on the principles of an Islamic city, namely the sequence from public to semi-public to private spaces.
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