Kabul Bank Headquarter in Kabul, Afghanistan
Client: Kabul Bank
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Service: Design, implementation
Responsible: Zahra Breshna Consulting
Type: High rise, new building
Date: 2009 - ...(ongoing)

The site is located at the intersection , close to Shahr e nau Park in the centre of Kabul. The adjacent building is currently being restructured and consists of older 2-3 storey buildings and taller new buildings. A new building has a planned height of approx 60 m and is located directly at the east boundary of the Kabul Bank site.
At the intersection, in the most prominent section of the site, a 22-storey tower is planned as an urban landmark. The tower is integrated into an ensemble of smaller high-rise buildings. The character of the overall building project is characterized by lightness and elegance, represented by glass facades and horizontal ribbon.

The 3-storey parking garage (building component 1) forms a 1,9 metre-high base along the sidewalks. Due to this base it is possible to forgo constructing an additional enclosure for the site for security reasons.
There are 2 routes of access to the building ensemble from the public road network, each of which are controlled by a checkpoint.
1. Access for pedestrians via a front flight of stairs
2. Access to the parking garage and the basement level

Operational concept:
The building project is characterized by two user groups:
The headquarters of the Kabul Bank accommodating aprox. 350 employees; service areas and an auditorium that can also be used for external events.
48 apartments sized between 65 and 400 sqm

The heart of the project and a highlight in terms of use of space is the central area of the foyer, the storeys of which are linked by spacious, asymmetrical stairways. The foyer serves to distribute the visitors while at the same time it is an area with its own qualities and a pleasant atmosphere. As a climax an event hall for 240 persons is planned. The auditorium can be used both for internal bank events and for external events.
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