Olympic Stadium Berlin-Germany - Renovation and Modernization
Client: State of Berlin
Service: Client consultation during planning and construction
Responsible: Breshna + Thiele Architects as subcontractor for gmp architects, 2001 - 2003
Type: Renovation and modernization

Design architect: von gerkan, marg and partner, Hamburg
Execution planning: Arcadis, Berlin
Franchisee: Walter Bau-ag (general contractor, operator)
Construction period: 2000 - 2004
Total cost: 242,000,000 euro (approx. 390,000,000 $)
Renovation and modernization of the Olympic Stadium, a landmarked architectural ensemble, Berlin - Germany
Requirements: to cover all spectator areas with a canopy; to increase seating capacity to 76,065; to lower the interior by 2.65 m.; new construction of two underground garages with a total of over 600 parking spaces.
For the Olympiastadion Berlin, the central building to the historical 1936 Olympics sports complex, design problems between the historical preservation requirements, careful modernisation and current requirements for a multifunctional use, including that of a pure football arena, have been addressed and transformed into a synthesis.
The stadium is conceived as a uniform entity relating to the entire spatial context. The master plan proposed by Werner March in 1936 remains under urban historic preservation, with the new plans emphasising the quality of the original structure. All necessary additions have been placed underground, outside of the stadium, to prevent obvious visual intervention to the stadium's graceful appearance.
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